The Green Team

The Green Team had a successful Water Day of Action on Tuesday, Jan 31st! All classes did a variety of activities based on the theme of water that helped to raise awareness about water conservation and how valuable water is in our lives and that we must not waste it. Children came to school dressed in a water themed costumes and the day had loads of fun activities. There was ‘water-themed’ music played throughout the day and members of the Green Team asked questions during the day over the inter-com.

This is the poem we made up to help think about the way we use water:

Save water every day, 

That way we won't have to pay.

Slow the flow of H2O,

Save water, save the Earth.

Take this message, say it loud, 

Let's all make Divine Mercy proud.

Remember, if anyone has any water saving tips these can be left in the eco suggestions box outside the hall and check the Green Schools noticeboard regularly for new information. We are so happy that our hard work on monitoring water usage and raising awareness in the school has meant that in 2018 we were rewarded with our third green flag.