healthy and safety policy

Safety Statemet

The school’s safety statement is available in the staff room. All staff are advised to familiarise themselves with the contents of this document.


  • All accidents to be reported in accident book no matter how minor.
  • Immediate attention should be given to the individual.
  • First Aid Kit is available in Secetary’s Office/ one staff member should bring this out with them on yard.
  • If an individual is seriously hurt, he/she should not be moved and the Principal or Deputy Principal should be informed immediately. (Get help but do not leave class unattended).
  • Aid will be sought immediately.
  • Contact office – if serious a doctor will be called and parents will be notified.

Students with Health Concerns

All students with particular health concerns are documented in the student health folder in the staff room. You can also access the medical particulars of all students here. It is important that all staff familiarise themselves with the details outlined in the student Health folder.

First Aid:

First aid kits are available in the secretary’s office.There is also a new kit which will be placed on the wall of the main building near line up numbers during both breaks.

Emergency Evacuation of the School

If Alarm Sounds

When in Class, Pupils:

  • Get into line quickly.
  • Cover nose and mouth.
  • Stand in a straight line.
  • Walk in silence with the teacher in single file to assembly point
  • Wait in silence with the teache
    • Get roll book.
    • Close windows
    • Check toilets
    • Ensure that all the pupils have left the room
    • Close the classroom door and the last teacher out closes the exit door.
    • Walk with the pupils to the assembly point
    • Call the roll – count the pupils.

When not in the classroom, e.g. at break time:

  • Pupils get in to the morning assembly lines
  • Teachers exit immediately to the yard
  • The teacher then leads the class to the assembly point
  • Do not run,make noise or attempt to pass out others
  • Do not return for anything that is missing, including roll books

Assembly points for all classes:

End of yard along railing bordering the Junior School.

3rd class – White section

4th class – Blue section

5th class – Red section

6th class- Green section

Evacuation direction for individual rooms:

Rooms 1,2,and 3:     Exit through door outside Principal’s office. Walk across yard to assembly point.

Rooms 4, 5 and 6:   Exit through main door of school (beside Bernie’s office). Turn left and walk alongside school building and across the yard to assembly point.

Rooms 7 and 8: Exit through fire door directly infront of room 8. Walk across the yard to assembly point.

Rooms 9 and 10: Walk down backstairs (next to resource room 8) keeping to the left of the stairs. Exit through main door of school. Turn right, walk alongside school and across the yard to assembly point.

Rooms 11, 12, 13 and 14:  Walk down stairs keeping to the left of stairs. Exit through main door of school. Turn left, walk alongside school and across the yard to assembly point.

Rooms 15 and 16: Exit through door directly infront of room 16. Keep to the left of the stairs. Exit through fire door. Walk across the yard to assembly point.

Resource 1 and 2: Exit through doors beside principal’s office.

Resource 3,4,5,6,7 and 8  Exit down back stairs. Walk across yard to assembly point.

Prefab rooms 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 exit through yellow fire door at end of prefabs outside room 19 and walk across to Junior school railings and stand at white area.

Other areas of Importance

Children in P.E Hall:

Line up quietly with class teacher, exit through fire door.

Children attending a resource teacher or learning support:

Will be brought to the assembly point by that teacher and will then join their class.

Children on route to a resource teacher:

The pupil shoud go to the nearest classroom and accompany that teacher to the assembly point.

If a child is absent at the assembly point :

Report the missing child to the prinicpal and an immediate search to be initiated by the Principal/Vice Principal/Semior staff members.

Nobody is allowed to leave the assembly point until permission has been given;

  • By the principal incase of a fire drill
  • By the fire officer incasce of an actual fire


       An automatic external defibrillator is available in the staffroom and outside Bernie’s office.  In the case of an emergency where it is know that a person is known to  be unconscious; and there is an absence of normal breathing; and an absence of pulse or signs of circulation the AED can be used. The AED should not be used on persons if they are conscious; or breathing or have a detectable pulse or other signs of circulation.