The School Completion Programme

The School Completion Programme

The School Completion Programme (SCP) is an initiative that aims to have a positive impact on retention for young people at risk of early school leaving. This is achieved in a number of ways utilising a range of innovative, creative as well as tried and tested interventions. What makes the School Completion Programme model unique is its ‘bottom-up’ approach, which allows Local Management Committees (school-based, community, statutory and voluntary interests), to put together plans and supports that target the needs of local young people at risk of early school leaving. SCP has been in existence since 2002.

The SCP is one of three strands of Tusla Education Support Service (tess) including the Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) Scheme and the Educational Welfare Service. All three strands share the same national outcomes:

  • Improved Attendance
  • Improved Participation
  • Improved Retention

SCP work focuses on targeting and providing supports to young people identified to be most at risk of early school leaving and includes:

  • Identifying and supporting children at risk of not reaching their potential in the educational system because of poor attendance, participation and retention via initiatives such as breakfast clubs; homework clubs; afterschool supports; mentoring programmes; and therapeutic interventions;
  • Ensuring that schools have in place the appropriate procedures to monitor, identify and respond to attendance, participation and retention issue;
  • Implementing transfer programmes to support young people transitioning from primary to post-primary school.

Our School Completion Programme

In the Quarryvale/Balgaddy School Completion Programme(SCP) we regard ourselves to be a staff centric organisation with a student centric approach, valuing the huge importance of relationships and recognising the positives in any and all situations, and building upon them.

Our staff view it as essential that they are familiar with the demographics of the local area, the challenges facing families and young people, the other organisations that work in the local area, the key stakeholders in relation to Early School Leaving and the physical surroundings of the area in which they work.

The main services provided by our staff will be in relation to students referred to our SCP Programme. This work will involve key working, delivering supports for specific outcomes, advocating on behalf of young people, integrating young people into larger groups, supporting young people in their community, supporting young people in school, reintegrating young people in to school, referring onward and any other need that may arise for targeted young people where it is within the capacity of our SCP to address it.

Our staff will deliver a range of targeted programmes, brief short term programmes and universal programmes aimed at enhancing the school lives and providing increased educational opportunities for the young people that we support.

For more information please contact Owen Walters on 083 200 2449.